A little over ten years ago ————- started a scheme to help finance growth of his fledgling whisky company ————-. It is possible in those early days that ————- intentions were good but it wasn’t long before ————-, given a big endorsement by Whisky Bible author Jim Murray, was in financial trouble and ————- was selling empty barrels and stealing from other barrels to bottle and sell.

Fast forward a little and those investors left with the remnant of the failure were stuck between a rock and a hard place due to ————- refusal to fulfil ————- contracts in place with investors.

Enter Peter Bignell of Belgrove Rye Whisky fame and his hastily formed consortium. Peter, a gentleman if ever there was one, felt the pain of the ————- investors and put together a rescue deal to purchase the barrels and set out to blend and bottle the whisky that almost never saw the light of day.


“I just wanted to pass along my thanks to you for bringing such a sorry state of affairs to a close. I had at numerous stages thought all was lost, and though it’s still a considerable loss, it is a MUCH happier outcome than what I was faced with. It seemed that the industry was just full of scoundrels, but you’ve shown there are a few gentlemen too. So thanks.”
— Simon and Nicky Fairweather (Ex-Barrel Owners)
“The toffee and marmalade is unmistakeable in its finish. The definition of a Tasmanian single malt. A must for the whisky collection.”
— Oli Mellers, TAS